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Travel Namibia is part of the Travel Africa stable of magazines. We'd welcome your comments on Travel Namibia. In the meantime here's what some readers have said about Travel Africa:



"Enjoy so much of it's contents and look forward to it landing on my dooorstep each quarter. Have enjoyed planning a trip to Kenya with it's help and contacting a tour operater with an email provided by the magazine." Miss J. Crates, N.Ireland

"Travel Africa shortens the time between voyages and adds lots of info to planning the next trip!" Mr H.R. Alic, Germany

"Travel Africa is a magazine worth waiting for......even Hemingway would have agreed with me that it is a fantastic read that captures the Africa only those lucky enough to have been there can appreciate" Mr S. McIlroy, UK

"Fantastic magazine about a fabulous continent" Mr M. Seamons, UK

"Very informative, brilliant photography - a must for all lovers of Africa" Mrs V.J. Shepherd, UK

"This is an excellent magazine - I look forward to its publication throughout the year!" Mr P. Gascougne, UK

"An excellent magazine - widening the scope of what's available in Africa and how to contact them. Really makes one feelas though you are still part of it sat at home in the UK. Makes one envious of not being able to go everywhere!" Mr M.D. White, UK

"I love the magazine & it's a real treat when it arrives. I especially like reading about places I've been to but also get inspired about planning trips to new areas. I got a lot of information for a recent trip to Zambia from a back issue." Ms S. Brownbridge, UK

"A wonderful magazine!" Mr & Mrs M. Reynolds, UK

"I always look forward to the next issue after finishing the current issue! A thoroughly enjoyable, informative and enlightening magazine as such I have just subscribed for four years." Mr D. Hunter. UK

"I enjoy the mag very much , seeing places I have been and others that I wish to visit. It's my favourite place to go!" Mrs J.R. Stannett, UK

"I look forward to receiving my magazine and just wish I could afford to visit Africa more often. Reading about the different places cheers me up on a dull English day." Mrs E Maythorne, UK

"Overall, an excellent publication I read with great interest" Mr R Bate, UK

"So far I'm found the magazine enormously useful for both background info and for new info to help plan where I shall go next. Worth every penny!" Ms D M Blakeley, UK

"Really enjoy the magazine - well edited - good articles, varied content - just want more!" Mrs L Cameroon, UK

" I really look forward to each issue, which is the best Christmas present my sister has ever given me." Ms H Dean-Hughes, UK

"It is a unique magazine which deserves a wider audience across the existing safari-going and potential safari-going public. For contracting companies it is an invaluable publication with respected contributors" T J Robson, UK

" A very professional publication which we always enjoy seeing come through the letter box! Keep up the good work" Mr S Clark, UK

"Excellent publication, difficult to fault" Mr A Smith, UK

"I really enjoy reading articles from people about their safari or travel experiences. I like the quality of the printing and the paper that its printed on" Mrs L. Tilley, UK

"This magazine seems an excellent source of information not easily found elsewhere" Mr I .Wild, UK

"An excellent magazine, hard to fault! Should be regarded as regular reading for all connected with travel and for those intending to visit/safari" J. Kerswell, UK

"I always look forward to my copy arriving. It is such an interesting magazine" Mr P. Dodd, UK

"Not a magazine to read and toss out. Great in-depth articles and I just reread and use it for reference" N. Pinto, USA

"Brilliant magazine. As an 'Africa Freak', its pure indulgence to have a whole magazine dedicated to Africa." Ms L. Paton, UK

"I look forward to Travel Africa arriving on my doorstep and am never disappointed by the content. As I specialize in Africa, I constantly refer to Travel Africa for businessas well as pleasure - an invaluable reference library!" Ms S. Newby, UK

"I would like to congratulate on such a well thought out magazine. I am very impressed" Mr J. Bird, UK

"The magazine is wonderful, and very practical, especially for me, since I use it as an important tool during my work as a tour guide in Africa" Mr B. Furst, Israel

"Generally a very high quality magazine. Some articles interest me more than others but I think one of the strengths is the diversity" Ms L. Wylie, UK

"It is enjoyable and informative magazine which is met with eager anticipation each quarter........ We read, and re-read, the articles and letters, soaking up the heat, sounds sights and smells of Africa. An excellent buy!" Mr N. Stiff, UK

"Travel Africa is a well balanced and informative and I very much look forward to receiving it!" Ms A. Holgate, UK

"I anxiously await the arrival of my magazine as it make me re-live my amazing experiences in Africa and begs me to book again!" Ms K. Ifield, UK

"Very good magazine which I am glad I discovered in fact, Excellent" Mr T. Fonder-Stent, UK

"An excellent magazine which has been long awaited by those with an interest in Africa" Mr J. Dennis, UK

"We find it hard to criticize your magazine. It fills a real gap in the market." Ms E. Dennis, UK

"For lovers and admirers of the African continent as well as those who seriously contemplate visiting the continent for the first time, Travel Africa is an excellent source of invaluable information, supplemented by excellent pictures" W. Boblewicz, Poland

"Its great to have a mag dedicated to countries we just want to keep returning to" Mrs C. Flack, UK

"A stupendous read that captures the continent like nothing else I've ever read. It has enhanced every holiday I've taken....the sheer scope of coverage is delightful!" D. A. Colley, UK

"Travel Africa makes me want to visit other parts of this amazing continent. It gives me a real feel of what going to these countries would be like" Mr K. Loughlin, UK

"A very big thank you for a first class magazine... every page appreciated, every issue awaited eagerly." Mr E. Erriker, UK

"The content is very well balanced, the articles all interesting and photography superb. Thank you for many pleasant reading hours." Mrs J. Funnell, UK

"The magazine is tremendous and, as a devotee of Africa and an annual visitor there, it is so nice to have a magazine dedicated to such a wonderful continent." Mrs S. Kennedy, UK

"Love the mag! I simply cannot get information on Africa like you supply here in the US. Keep up the great work." Greg Ferguson, USA

"It is excellent - the first publication in a long time I have read literally cover to cover." Ms J. Croucher, UK

"Congratulations on your magazine. Words cannot express the amount of excitement I felt when I saw your magazine. I have been waiting to be introduced to a magazine devoted to the African Continent for two years now." Mr D. Townley, UK

"I have found Travel Africa to be of extreme interest in view of my trip to East Africa next year. Unlike other magazines I've seen on the market, which are devoted mostly to specific regions of Africa, Travel Africa covers all four major areas, so diversified, so different, so interesting" Mr W. Bobilewicz, Poland

"I have just received my first subscription issue of Travel Africa which I've found absolutely fascinating" J. Dawson, UK

"I have been very impressed with the quality of the articles and the presentation of the publication" Mr P. Williams, UK

"Excellent content, well produced - well done! A travel publication which stands on its own. what else can I say. Many thanks. Well worth waiting for." Mr A. Walker, UK

I am more than delighted by the whole magazine. Shame it only appears quarterly. I will now have to learn patience!" Mr W.J. Lodge, UK

"I am so delighted with the mag. I have been to Kenya many times but I am getting too old now, so it's great to read about it instead." Mrs M. Bliss, UK


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