Issue 6 (November 2010)

As a magazine editor I love the challenge of selecting interesting or inspiring stories, and working with our Art Director to present them in a way that is easy and rewarding to follow.


Having Namibia as the subject matter adds real spice to the mix. What an extraordinary country! Everything seems amplified here, where the fight for survival in a challenging environment means the flora and fauna have adapted incredible ways to thrive, where the landscape shifts and shows off its splendour so enthusiastically, and where the people, by nature, seem so in tune with their surroundings.

So the challenge lies in trying to do it all justice in the pages of a magazine; to select a range of material that reflects the depth of experience available, gives a sense of the rewards a visit offers… and helps you to plan your next adventure.

It helps that we have increased the size of the magazine, so there’s more space to work with. With the changed structure of Travel Namibia this year, this edition represents our first annual overview of the country.

This will be complemented during the year by three special issues of Travel Namibia EXTRA, 16-page digital magazines which will each focus in depth on one particular area or aspect of Namibia. The result is that you’ll be able to get a thorough overview of the whole country throughout the year. Spread over several years you’ll end up with a library of detailed, expert insight on specific elements of travelling in Namibia as well as (hopefully) a colourful and inspiring overview.
And when you factor in the excellent support we receive from travel companies, you’ll have at your fingerprints a very useful Namibian travel resource.

So, please visit our website at www.travelnamibiamag.com to see the past issues of the magazine and the EXTRAs, and to sign up to receive notification when each new issue is released. Keep an eye on the site as we aim to regularly add fresh content.

Click through to the Safari Planner (www.safariplanner.co.uk) to find operators or accommodation providers to use on your next visit. This site has been updated, now to include picture and video galleries and feedback fields for you to make your own comments. Save your favourite companies in your Safari Planner for later reference.

While you’re online, share your travel experiences and join the discussion by searching for Travel Africa magazines on Facebook (www.facebook.com/travelafrica). You can also take a look at Travel Namibia on your iPad or iPhone through the Travel Africa Magazines App from the iTunes App store.

We’re trying to make the magazine as accessible as possible, to make it easy for you to interact with and share your own experiences and ideas. After all, the more you tell us what you’re interested in, the easier my job will be in determining what to publish in future issues!

Happy reading!


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