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Issue 1 (November 2007) Game on! If you’re after animals in large numbers, visit Etosha in October, right at the end of the dry season. With scarce supplies of water, the game is drawn to the permanent waterholes on the southern edge of the pan in tremendous numbers. Be sure to park under a shady tree though, as it will be hot outside and the wildlife spectacle will most likely keep you captivated for hours.


Let it rain… Once every five to ten years the rains are so heavy that flash-flooding occurs: the deep ravines of the Naukluft Mountains channel the rushing water east into the Tsauchab River, which in turn surges towards the Atlantic. Eventually it fills Sossusvlei with water, often overnight, bringing dormant lilies and flowers to life and drawing waterbirds and dragonflies to this stunningly serene scene.

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