Rhino baby
Issue 2 (May 2008) The desert-adapted black rhino that live in the Kunene Region of northwest Namibia are the only rhino world-wide that have survived on communal land with no formal conservation status.


The animals were heavily hunted in the 1980s, before Namibia’s Save the Rhino Trust was formed. The trust employed convicted poachers to police the area, as they had extensive knowledge of the rhino’s habits. It worked, and rhino numbers in the region have been slowly creeping back up ever since.

Recently Save the Rhino trust members took this photograph of a new male calf with its mother. The calf has been called Blythe after the trust’s founder Blythe Loutit who died in 2005. 


For more information about the work of Save the Rhino Trust go to www.rhino-trust.org.na

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