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Issue 3 (November 2008) There are fascinating community  projects across Namibia where you can guarantee that your money is going directly to the people who need it the most.


Our map shows some of the many ventures that are part of Nacobta - Namibia Community Based Tourism Assistance Trust.  The organisation helps  poor rural communities that want to generate an income from holiday-makers. Their projects range from making paper out of elephant dung to numerous campsites. And from organising local guides to partnerships with up-market lodges . Many of the projects offer the opportunity to have genuine encounters with members  of Namibia’s indigenous tribes and the chance to learn about their cultures and traditions first hand.

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Purros Campsite
A fabulous place for wildlife photography with regular sightings of desert elephants in the campsite itself. The Hoarusib dry riverbed is also frequently visited by elephants, giraffe, rhino, kudu, zebra and ostrich. A visit to a nearby Ovahimba village can be arranged. 


Aabadi Bush Camp and Safaris
Stay on the campsite or in traditional hunts close to Wilhelmstal. Members of the nearby San and Damara communities will take you on guided nature walks or teach you how to track wild animals.


Spitzkoppe Restcamp
Secluded camping pitches all round this desert mountain give unforgettable views at sunset. You can take guided walks of the many prehistoric art sites or have a ride in a donkey cart. There is also some great rock climbing if you have your own equipment.  


Aus Information Centre
Drop into this information centre and coffee shop for expert advice on where to go in South Namibia. You can also book knowledgeable local guides. 


Hippo Pools Campsite, Ruacana Falls
Wake up in this campsite to the sound of hippos, birdlife and the distant waterfall. Villagers will take you on guided walks of the falls and Kunene River. Himba and Zembra people are your neighbours.


N//goabaca Campsite
This secluded and tranquil campsite on the banks of the Kavango River has fabulous views of Popa Falls. Guided walks are available and Mahango National Park is thirty minutes away.


Mashi and Sheshe Craft Markets  
Purchase locally-designed and produced handicrafts, all made by nearby communities which specialise in woven baskets. Production takes place at home allowing producers to continue with other important livelihood activities. Caprivi. 

Susuwe Island Lodge
The Mayuni conservancy receives a percentage of the income generated by this tranquil six-suite lodge in Caprivi’s Bwabwata National Park. Local people also get employment there.

Twyfelfontein - Aba Huab Campsite

A fifteen minute drive from the Twyfelfontein rock art, Aba Huab provides a well-shaded campsite on the banks of a dry riverbed, with the chance of also spotting the elusive desert elephant.

Twyfelfontein Country Lodge
 A lucrative joint venture for the local community of the Uibasen conservancy who receive a percentage of the profits from this lodge. Trips to the rock art and to search for desert-adapted elephants are a must. Community members are employed at the lodge.


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