Wild dogs spotted at Waterberg
Issue 3 (November 2008) On our way from Windhoek to Waterberg we always find a variety of antelopes and birds writes Jan Mohrdieck, a guide with Namibia Expeditions, CC Africa.


On this particular day however, just 20km from our camp at Waterberg, we ran into a big surprise. At about 4.30pm, as we drove along the gravel road and dry river bed, we saw something standing in our way. At first I thought it was a spotted hyena, but this creature seemed much more slender than a hyena. Also, the colouration was completely different. Its fur had patches of brown-orange, black and white. Then it hit me – it was a wild dog. This endangered animal hasn’t been seen in Waterberg for a long time. We approached slowly and managed to have a good look at it. As wild dogs live in packs, I was wondering where the others were. To the right of the road was a game fence and behind it I could see three  more wild dogs. Obviously they had somehow become separated and were now trying to find a way to get back together. They trotted along the fence and we followed but, after a while, they seemed irritated by our presence, so we moved on. I assume the pack is now back together because, after a couple of kilometres, the fence ends. Historical records indicate that wild dogs were once present in all the regions and habitats of Namibia. In the last 80 years however, their range has been vastly reduced. A sighting like this is probably the result of conservation initiatives such as the Wild Dog Project.


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