Camera snap
Issue 4 (May 2009) A curious young lion was caught on film moments before he ripped out a new waterhole webcam and used it as a toy.


The waterhole at Andersson’s Camp on the edge of Etosha is popular and has daily visits from kudu, springbok, black-faced impala, gemsbok, red hartebeest, blue wildebeest, eland, zebra and giraffe. 

White and black rhino are also frequent drinkers, including a young black rhino named Oden and his friend (for now) Asterix. Together Oden and Asterix put on a different show every evening as they try to dominate the waterhole.

Staff decided to set up a camera-trap to see what was happening at the scene while everyone was in bed. Hyena, lion, rhino and most of the antelope species were caught on film. The camera took pictures without using a flash, so disturbance to the animals was negligible. 

Then one night a juvenile lion decided he wanted to play with the camera and tore it off the tree to which it was attached. The lion chewed holes in its casing and then dragged its ‘kill’ under a tree 500 metres away, where it lost interest. The last picture the camera took was of the lion ready to pounce. 

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