Cinderella's chamber-made
Issue 4 (May 2009) The Cinderella waxbill is a stunning little bird that is found only in Kunene in Namibia and just across the border in Angola.


Until last year, nobody had ever spotted a Cinderella waxbill nest. But in June Peter Morgan of Kunene River Lodge tracked one down.

He said: “I watched the birds raise five chicks in the nest, and after it had clearly been abandoned I brought it back to the lodge where people can see it.  The nest has two chambers. One chamber is on top and was where the male lived. The other chamber is a tube and was where the female was with the chicks. The two are not connected. It’s very interesting”.

Bennett’s woodpecker and the rufous tailed palm thrush can also be spotted in the grounds of Kunene River Lodge. And one of the last breeding pairs of grey kestrel is based close by.

In Namibia, the Cinderella waxbill is thought to live on a short stretch of the Kunene from just east of Ruacana up to Epupa.

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