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Issue 5 (November 2009) Should I take a guide in Etosha?


FOR: Taking a guide will certainly increase your wildlife-spotting odds. They will have intimate knowledge on animal movements and behaviour, including which waterholes are best at which times of the year. They will show you a wealth of birds and smaller creatures that you might otherwise miss, and point out the different habitat types. And they will do all this while delving into the origins and cultures of this fascinating park.
Martin Benadie, Wilderness Safari guide

AGAINST: To take a guide around Etosha defeats the lure of Namibia. This is safari for beginners! Good roads and easily accessible waterholes mean you don’t  have to search for the animals inside Etosha. All you have to do is position yourself at a waterhole and they appear. Armed with a cooler box, bird and animal field guides, you won’t miss much. Best of all, you will have the pleasure of being alone in the solitude of Etosha.
Matt Todd, experienced Namibian self- driver

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