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Issue 5 (November 2009) Pupils at a Damaraland school have been given new tables and chairs as part of an ongoing investment in the community by the owners of Damaraland Camp.


Jacob Basson Combined School was designed to accommodate 150 pupils. Today 400 attend classes, often struggling with broken furniture. Penelope Roman, the school’s principal, said: “This donation is one of the best things that has ever happened to our school and we are very grateful.  It has boosted the self-esteem of our learners and the school’s image.”

Torra Conservancy and Wilderness Safaris Namibia, joint partners in Damaraland Camp, have agreed to invest in the local community and its education. Aquiring the new chairs is one of a number of separate projects which it is hoped will improve the quality of life for people living in the Torra Conservancy.  

Other projects include establishing a kindergarten for local children, renovating and reopening a dam to try to alleviate human-wildlife conflict, and developing a garden that provides fresh produce for Torra Conservancy members. In time, it is hoped that surplus produce from this garden will be sold to Damaraland Camp, thus providing an additional source of income for the community. 

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