Rock art etiquette
Issue 5 (November 2009) Namibian rock art is believed to have been carved or painted by the ancestors of Bushmen thousands of years ago. With your help, it can survive thousands more.


• Trying to increase the visibility of the art using powders or liquids (even distilled water), causes damage. It also makes dating and further research impossible.

• Researchers believe smoke can damage the art. Please don’t start a campfire close by.

• Natural body oils are a further threat, so don’t touch.


• The best examples of rock art are in the Brandberg, Twyfelfontein and Erongo.


• Time your visit for early morning or evening as the art is easier to see and photograph when the sun is low.


• Sketching the carvings and paintings is a lot of fun, but don’t try rubbings, which will damage the rock.

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