Issue 2 (November 2007)

Travel Namibia
Eyeing up Etosha - Africa's most unusual game park • Could you conquer Fish River? • Origins of the Namib • On foot through the Caprivi Strip • Accommodation guide • Himba wedding • 3 itineraries to get you started..... and much more!

Wandering sole
Fran Sandham recently walked across Africa - starting out from Namibia’s Skeleton Coast. In this extract from his new book Traversa we find him tired and with sore feet as he enters the country’s Caprivi Strip.
Inside Etosha
Etosha is a wildlife park like no other. On a reserve the size of The Netherlands, vast concentrations of game gather at water holes set on a glistening silver pan. It’s arguably the best place in Africa to view ‘the Big Four’. Here award-winning photographers Steve and Ann Toon give their insiders’ tips for “The Great White Place”.
Fish River for softies
Trekking through Fish River Canyon has always been for people who can happily carry everything they need for five days on their back. Now a new tour, already dubbed ‘Fish River for Softies’, lets mules take the strain. It’s a great idea for tourists but, as Fabian von Poser found out, the mules have still to be convinced.
Sands of time
Is it their colour, their size, their constant movement or their almost inexplicable ability to support life? What makes Namibia’s iconic red dunes so captivating? Len Rix ponders the mystique of Namib sand.
Portfolio - Himba wedding
The Himba people in North Namibia are among the most photogenic tribes on the planet. In this stunning series of images, photographers Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher record the anticipation and joy surrounding a wedding in Kaokoland.


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