Issue 1 (May 2007)

Travel Namibia
Special Issue - Self-Drive! An exciting look at why Namibia is the ultimate self-drive destination...

What to drive - 4WD or 2WD • Have kids, will travel • Trip tips • What to pack • Essential Namibia including weather, money, health and much more.....

And news and views from across Namibia.

Drive Time
In Namibia, you can surf down towering dunes, visit stunning national parks and drift over mile after mile of unspoilt wilderness by Cessna plane, microlight or balloon. And that’s just for starters. No wonder it’s consistently voted Africa’s top adventure destination. What’s more, you can go it alone: with good roads and efficient services, a little independent thinking is all it takes to put yourself in the driving seat – literally – and discover this inspiring country at your own pace. Hamilton Wende checks his map, loads up with supplies and gets behind the wheel.
Laying down routes
Namibia has such a vast range of destinations that just planning your route will be enough to set your heart racing in anticipation. Do you want to photograph the mining ghost towns or search for desert elephants in Kaokoland? What about heading up to Etosha and staying at Okaukuejo in the hope of spotting a black rhino? Given time you could probably do all three. And that’s the key to a successful Namibian driving holiday; allowing plenty of time. Often it’s the detour down some minor road or a conversation over an extra cup of rooibos tea that you remember more than the main attractions, so try to plan some spare time in your schedule every day.
What to drive: 4WD or 2WD?
Most of Namibia’s main routes are tar or good quality gravel for which a normal saloon car is perfectly adequate.
Have kids, will travel
Pete Sinclair, his wife Celia and their three children – Freddie aged ten, Poppy aged eight and Stanley aged seven - spent five months driving the length of Africa. Their favourite place, without a doubt, was Namibia.
Dune Rider
You don’t have to stick to the roads on a driving tour of Namibia. In a 4WD you can learn to ride the incredible dunes of the Namib Naukluft Desert to rarely visited abandoned diamond mining towns and forgotten shipwrecks. No previous experience is necessary – just a sense of adventure, as Mary Askew found out.


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