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Travel Namibia is the only international magazine dedicated to the promotion of travel to and within Namibia.

It was conceived out of discussions between the publishers (Gecko Publishing Ltd, publishers of Travel Africa magazine) and Namibia Tourism UK, who wanted additional material to support their efforts to market Namibia.

At the same time there has been a growing demand for information on Namibia from travellers around the world who have been captivated by Namibia's extraordinary beauty, and who want to learn more about the country in order to make sensible, balanced, travel decisions.

As a privately-owned magazine, Travel Namibia has no official link with Namibia's tourist board, Namibian travel companies or any other organisation, and therefore provides independent, unbiased content that can be relied upon by travellers.

But why is Travel Namibia important? 

Namibia offers a fantastic travel experience, quite unlike any other country. But we are aware that travel has never been easier and today's tourist faces unprecedented opportunities to explore the globe. Travel Namibia is the only independent publication that truly portrays the full diversity and impact of the Namibian travel experience, and answers your questions about exploring this extraordinary country. It aims to inspire and inform, reassure and excite... while telling you like it really is. It is a very valuable resource for prospective travellers.

Travel Namibia acts as an independent “shop window” for Namibia. Its success will have a profound effect not only on the country’s tourist industry, but on the economy as a whole. Impressed visitors make loyal ambassadors and willing investors. Tourism creates jobs. It is incumbent on all Namibians and partners around the world to ensure the greatest possible success of the country’s tourism industry.

Travel Namibia will provide you with a realistic and uncensored understanding of Namibia – regardless of where you are in the world – and hopefully encourage you to visit. Maybe you'll write and tell us about your visit?


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