Issue 3 (May 2008)

Travel Namibia
Sand sensation! Get carried away in Namib Naukluft • Essential Namibia - beyond Sossusvlei • Diving for lost gold • NICE chefs • Tracking desert rhino • Wilderness children's inspirational stories • Interpreting Etosha's place names.... and much more!

Children in the Wilderness
Twice a year, two of Namibia’s top lodges close their doors to tourists and instead welcome groups of orphaned or vulnerable local schoolchildren.
Interpreting Etosha
Etosha’s place names originate from eight different languages and a colourful, if somewhat bloody, past. Hu Berry, a former head warden at the national park, has become fascinated by the history they reveal.
Saving the horns of Africa
Palmwag in Namibia’s North West boasts the largest concentration of black rhino anywhere on the planet outside a national park. Martin Benadie is impressed, not just by the rhino but also by the community that has fought to protect them.
Until recently male cooks at Namibia’s lodges told their families they were labourers, too ashamed to admit they worked in a kitchen. Now a new chef’s school in Windhoek is changing perceptions, as Sharri Whiting found out.
Namibia's hidden depths
No woman in history has dived deeper than Verna van Schaik. In 2004 she broke her own record when she descended 221 metres below water in a South African cave. Verna’s thirst for adventure and her desire to discover uncharted water is legendary in the diving world. So the promise of German treasure, ‘bottomless’ lakes and fish found nowhere else on the planet, was too much for her to pass up.
Beyond Sossusvlei
Watching the sea fog spill over the sands of Sossusvlei, climbing curvaceous Dune 45 and marvelling at the skeleton trees on Dead Vlei, are the defining moments of many Namibian holidays. These are the better-known treasures of the Namib Naukluft. But the national park is one of the world’s largest, and its wonders stretch way beyond that small area. Here are ten of our favourite things to do....beyond  Sossusvlei.


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