Language: say 'hello'
Issue 3 (November 2008) The new constitution drawn up at the time of Namibian independence designated English as the official language, even though it was the native tongue of only about two per cent of the population. It was decided that with English, all ethnic groups would be at equal disadvantage. If you want to make friends it pays to know just a few words in the local lingo. Saying ‘hello’ is always a good start….
Children of the future
Issue 3 (November 2008) The school fees of twenty-five children at Daweb Junior School are being paid by CC Africa’s Sossusvlei Mountain Lodge.
Taking a different view
Issue 3 (November 2008) Award-winning photographer George Steinmetz has spent 20 years flying high over Africa strapped  in a flimsy motorised paraglider, taking pictures that are difficult to obtain on the ground. He says: “There is a magic to Africa — its sounds and smells, the wonderfully positive spirit of its people and, of course, the unparalleled beauty and expanse of its landscape”. His new book, African Air, contains many images of Namibia that capture that beauty; views that have rarely, if ever, been photographed before.
Desert destinations
Issue 4 (May 2009) The deserts of southern Africa are captivating – from the changing dune colours of the Namib at dawn to the clear starry nights of the Kalahari. You can take adrenalin-pumping excursions on quad bikes or simply amble through the dunes marvelling at the total quiet. Now a new border post between Namibia and South Africa at Mata Mata allows visitors to enjoy the best of these deserts in one glorious trip.
Water matters
Issue 4 (May 2009) If you arrive in Namibia in the rainy season, it’s difficult to believe that water is a scarce resource.
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