The cheetah whisperer
Issue 3 (November 2008) A documentary about the release of a group of cheetahs on to the NamibRand is being screened on Channel Five.
The hunting debate
Issue 3 (November 2008) This summer the Namibian Government issued permits for six bull elephants to be shot by trophy hunters on Kunene conservancies – three of the permits were for rare desert-adapted elephants. The decision was controversial. Each of the permits is worth N$88,000 to the poor rural villages that ‘own’ the elephants. However, the loss of these bulls may threaten the long-term viability of the herds involved. These deaths are in addition to a number of ‘problem’ elephants that were recently shot after they attacked village water points. Here is what some of Namibia’s top naturalists have said:
Skeleton Coast lions
Issue 3 (November 2008) Namibia’s Skeleton Coast Park has a small and isolated population of lions that has adapted to life in the harsh habitat of gravel plains and basalt mountains.
Hot Stuff
Issue 3 (November 2008) Chilli mixed with elephant dung is being burnt in Caprivi in an unusual attempt to stop elephants straying close to farmland and villages.
Collared hyenas
Issue 3 (November 2008) Research in the Sperrgebiet of south-west Namibia has found that hyenas have a hunting sphere of up to 3900 square kilometers.
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