Trance dance in the UK
Issue 2 (May 2008) A group of San musicians and dancers from Namibia is bringing an ancient healing dance to the UK.
Kalahari dreaming
Issue 2 (May 2008) Deep in the heart of the Kalahari Desert a herd of springbok are spooked by a light aircraft overhead.
A responsible trip
Issue 3 (November 2008) Are you keen to help Namibia’s indigenous people? Done well, community-based tourism puts your money directly into the pocket of local residents; you stay in locally-owned accommodation, eat at locally-run restaurants and employ a local guide. We asked Christopher Hill, whose company’s website has been named the UK’s Best Responsible Tourism Site, to draw us up a community-focused itinerary.
Travel Shorts

Issue 3 (November 2008) Running dry

The fuel station at Kongola in the Eastern Caprivi has closed and many travellers are running out of fuel along the road. If you are heading out that way make sure you fill up at Bagani near Popa Falls and at Katima Mulilo.

Road rules
Issue 3 (November 2008) Namibia has 42,000 kilometres of open road to explore, making it a fabulous destination for a self-drive holiday. The main roads are well-maintained and perfectly safe, if taken carefully. For the more adventurous, the many off-road tracks that criss-cross the country make it easy to escape into Namibia’s vast open spaces. Driving instructor Richard Hoff offers his ten top tips for a successful road trip.
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